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June 15, 2015
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The Rrazz Room

When the Rrazz Room first asked me to do my show, RENAISSANCE: NOTES FROM ITALY on Valentine’s Day, I thought to myself, how does Valentine’s Day relate to this show? As I’ve been preparing the show, I realize that this show is ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! It’s about the love my daughter Robin and I have for each other. The incredible bond we formed on the 15 day trip throughout Italy. It’s about the love I had for my parents and them for me. It’s about the love I have for the current love in my life, Berny. It’s about my love for music. It’s about the sacrifices I made for my children and them for me, when I had to be on the road with my operatic career. So I see that RENAISSANCE has EVERYTHING to do with LOVE!! And it is perfect for Valentine’s Day. I hope you’ll come celebrate with your loved one(s) and with me on February 14th at 8PM at the Rrazz Room in New Hope PA.

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